Sharing My Work: Creative Commons Certificate

I’m inspired by Open Education Week 2019 to share some resources that I’ve created. Last fall I completed the Creative Commons Certificate course, for which I created a handful of resources about Creative Commons, copyright, and open educational resources.

Feel free to use these resources that I made for the course assignments:

I thought it would be a good idea to create infographics for these assignments, but quickly changed my mind after completing the “What is Creative Commons?” infographic. First, because it took a REALLY long time to design the layout and put it all together – the simple slideshows I made later were much less time-consuming. I also realized that the infographic isn’t in a very adaptable format, and Google Slides are much easier for others to adapt and use for their own purposes.

I’ve found it helpful on a few occasions to return to these resources that I created for the CC Certificate course. If they are helpful for you too, please use them!

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