New Year Goals

Happy new year! Or happy halfway-through-January. I’m typically not one to make new year’s resolutions, but this year I found myself with several personal goals at the start of 2019. So I guess those are resolutions, and I thought I’d share just for fun.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

I’m trying to go to 30 hot yoga classes in the month of January! I was inspired by my friend and colleague Mea, who introduced me to hot yoga and completed last year’s 31-day challenge. I was in complete awe of her ability to take on this physical challenge and stay motivated through it all – and I never imagined I could do it myself. But here I am, almost halfway through the 30 days (whaaaat?!). I’m documenting my #30dayyogachallenge on Twitter:

No Buy/Low Buy

My makeup addiction started small, but I realized how bad it had gotten when I hit Sephora VIB Rouge at the end of 2018. That means I spent $1,000 at Sephora in a calendar year (and in exchange get better discounts and perks this year). That’s a lot, and it’s not the only place I shop for makeup and skincare products. So I’m setting some small, achievable goals to cut back on my buying habit:

  1. No new eyeshadow for three months. I have plenty and don’t even use a lot of it.
  2. No new nail polish for two months. Again, I have a ton, no need to rush out and buy more.
  3. No new Colourpop for two months. My makeup addiction started with Colourpop – they’re so affordable and always releasing new products, so it’s easy to get tempted.

Admittedly, that’s setting the bar pretty low, but I’m also trying to be more aware of my overall spending and cut back on unnecessary purchases.

Project Pan

I’ve recently gotten into watching some Project Pan videos on Youtube. A Project Pan is when you commit to using up certain makeup items in your collection. The “pan” refers to the metal pan at the bottom of a powder product, which you’ll see when you use up enough of it (“hit pan“), though a Project Pan can include any type of product.

I’m taking this idea pretty loosely for now and just trying to use up certain products, either completely or to the point where I feel satisfied. This goes hand-in-hand with my low-buy goals, taking the focus off of new things to buy and refocusing on what I already have. It might also help me declutter by using things up, or getting rid of things I find out I don’t want after all. I made a spreadsheet where I’ll keep track of what I use up and take notes on what I think of the products (gotta have a spreadsheet!).

That’s it! Those are the goals I’m working on in my personal life, which coincidentally happened to form at the beginning of another rotation around the sun.

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