ACRLog First Year Academic Librarian Experience

I’m now blogging as a First Year Academic Librarian Experience blogger on ACRLog. I’ll still be using my personal blog here at about my usual frequency (which is not often, but always telling myself I should write more), but once a month I will write a (hopefully) more thought out and edited post for ACRLog. It’s kind of intimidating knowing that more people will be reading my posts. I blog here every now and then, but I know that it’s really not a big deal because hardly anybody reads this, and I’m fine with that. Being a regular contributor for a site with a larger audience will challenge me to write better, edit my work, and really be critical of what I am saying – and honestly, thinking, too. That was basically the point of putting my name into the hat for this – knowing that it would push me to reflect on my work and produce a tangible record of that.

My first post went up earlier this month: Jumping In. I’m not really in love with it but I think it’s OK for the first one. It needed to be some sort of “introductory” post and let people know a little bit about me and where I am in my career, but it went a bit into a cliche territory that I’m not too crazy about. In the future I’ll try not to use this blog too much to analyze what I wrote on the other blog!

In other news, I have way too much to get done during this three-day week!

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