I’m a Librarian?

Exactly two weeks ago, I walked across the stage of the USF Sundome to at long last graduate with my MLIS degree. Congratulations to me! I have officially crossed the threshold from student to librarian!

…Or have I?


I hadn’t thought of graduating as the equivalent of “becoming a librarian” until that day. Sitting in my row on the arena floor and waiting for my turn to walk, I talked with my friends and fellow classmates, who were all relieved and excited to be done with school and finally be librarians. Oh. We’re librarians now? I see how it makes sense, but somehow it just hadn’t occurred to me. Having completed my MLIS degree, I am fully qualified to be a librarian. I have the required education, as well as practical experience. However, I feel a bit uncomfortable calling myself a a librarian at the present time, as I am not in the position of a professional, practicing librarian. In actuality, I am a Senior Library Technical Assistant, a paraprofessional library staff member,

I think part of the reason I didn’t have this sense of finality is that I am planning on taking classes next semester (AKA, just over a week from now) towards my second masters, which I started this past fall. I don’t have a great sense of relief from being done with school. I’m not finished, I’m still trucking along with academics, and I don’t know exactly where I’m headed with it.

However, I’m glad to take on the more positive outlook. Thinking about it – that I can be a librarian now, no longer an MLIS student – added a lot of fun and excitement to graduation for me.

So yes, I am a librarian.

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